Monday, 29 August 2016

Stampin' Up!'s pocket page options and how I use them

Wow! I can't believe we are nearing the end of the month and that means the end of my focus on memory keeping. I can't believe how much I've accomplished by simply making these blog series posts a priority. I really had a lot of fun with this - perhaps it will be a yearly thing;) In the meantime, you can count on a memory keeping post on Mondays for Memory Keeping Monday. This allows me to continue to share what I love and forces me to keep scrapbooking!!

But we aren't done yet. I have a couple more things to share with you. Today's video is all about Stampin' Up!'s pocket page options. It seems like an odd video but I think it's still worth watching. In it I share the divided pages we offer but also show a few examples of how I've used them - including the 6x8 pockets! Just because they are smaller doesn't mean you can't use those little ones in your 12x12 albums!

You can find all the pocket page options on page 167 of the annual catalogue but I thought I'd list them here for easy reference.
  • Design 1 - #135295 - $9.25 (12 pages of all the same design)
  • Variety Pack 1 - #135294 - $9.25 (2 each of 6 designs)
  • Variety Pack 2 - #138471 - $9.25 (4 each of 3 designs)
  • Variety Pack 6x8 - #135297 - $8.00 (12 each of 5 different designs)
  • *NEW* Variety Pack 2 6x8 - #142010 - $8.00 (4 each of 3 designs)
  • 12x12 Page Protectors - #135296 - $9.25 (12 pages)
Have a creative day!

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Friday, 26 August 2016

Why Project Life is perfect for everyone!

Memory keeping can be overwhelming. When you think about the number of photos that you may have on your computer, on your phone or in boxes it can be a daunting task to even think about where to start. But I am here to tell you that it can be done and it doesn't have to be scary! With the Project Life or pocket page system, you can easily tackle that large project by breaking it down into smaller chunks!

I filmed a video sharing how I break the process down but I've also written out the steps below for those of you who might not want to watch:) Let me know if you have any questions.

1. The first thing you want to do is pick an event, vacation or month to start with. Maybe you went on a holiday this summer and you want to start there, or maybe it was your son's first birthday, your wedding or a new baby. It doesn't matter what it is, just decide and commit:)

2. The next step is to gather all the photos and organise them. If you have photos on your phone and your computer, and some that have emailed to you from your Mom - create a file and put them all in that file.

3. Go through all those photos and decide which ones you want to print and have them printed. Tip #1: I suggest starting with the Design 1 Stampin' Up! page protectors. They are all the same and if you get in the habit of printing all your vertical photos 3x4 and your horizontal photos 4x6, it works out perfectly, without much thought. There are lots of options out there but they can be overwhelming and sometimes require a bit more thought, and that may be where you draw the line. So make it easy on yourself:) Tip #2: when you are printing 3x4, print 2 photos on a 4x6 - it will save you money. You can use the Project Life app on your phone or iPad, or Photoshop Elements, and I believe Pic Monkey, also has an option to do it. Some photo centres also have the option - usually under their collage features.

4. Now it's time to get started - pull out a package of page protectors and slide your photos into the pockets. You can fill every pocket it you want but I like to leave some empty to add cards for embellishing and for journaling. But for now just worry about getting those photos into pockets. This is quick, don't over think it. You can always change it later.

** Note: after any of these steps you can take a break and come back another day. That's what's so great about this system you don't need to pull out tons of supplies and have 4 hours to do it. 15 minute increments are just fine:)**

5. Now choose a card collection and fill in your empty pockets. Remember that you'll want to add some journaling so you don't forget the stories that go along with the photos so be sure to tuck some lined or grid cards in there.

6. Go back and add the journaling and any embellishments you'd like.

You are done! It really is that easy but you do have to commit to documenting those memories and start somewhere. My recommendation is something recent. Because it's fresh in your mind and you are still excited to tell that story!

I hope this helps you get started on your memory keeping journey!

Have a creative day!

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Upcoming Project Life club details

Do you have hundreds or thousands of photos on your phone, computer and/or in a box?

I have fallen in love with a system called Project Life by Stampin' Up! that takes the time, money and stress out of memory keeping! It's all about living your life and documenting it for your family in a quick, simple and affordable way!

It takes much less time and effort than traditional scrapbooking and focuses more on living your life and preserving your precious memories for you children and granchildren. You don't need ONE OUNCE of crafting ability, just the desire to preserve your precious memories for your family!

New to Project Life and curious about what you need to get started? I decided to film a video sharing the basic supplies. What's great about this style of memory keeping is that you don't need a ton of supplies - you can get started with just these few things:
  • Photos
  • Card collection of your choice (includes 100 cards, 2 each of 50 double-sided designs in 3 sizes)
  • Accessory pack to coordinate (optional)
  • Photo pocket pages
  • Journaling pens
  • Album

Project Life Club
To start September 22nd, 2016

I know we are all busy and have so much taking up our time but everyone can find a few hours each month, by making it a priority. This is something I so wholeheartedly believe in that I have decided to offer a Project Life club. Here's how it will work...
  • We meet once a month for 4 months (September to December) whether in person or to go - that's just a couple hours each month!
  • Each month we will make one 12x12 layout and 3 pocket pages all using the supplies from the card collection and accessory pack you will receive at the first class + a few extras. That's two 2-page spreads each month! That's a lot of memories captured!!
  • Fee for the first month is $65 and includes a card collection ($21), the coordinating accessory pack ($24) and design 1 pocket pages ($9.25)
  • Each month after that is just $15!
  • Each month we will cover different ways to use your pocket pages, create your own cards, photo organising tips and trick, etc.
  • The to go kit will include everything you need to complete the same pages as in person - card collection, accessory pack, pocket pages, any pre-cut supplies, access to videos where I will go over and tips and tricks we discussed, and photos and instructions for putting all the pieces together. Just add $10 for shipping (includes all 4 months of shipping) and all the supplies will be delivered right to you! Monthly kits will ship by mail the day after we meet in person each month.
  • After the 4-month rotation, we will choose another card collection and repeat the club. You choose whether to continue or not.
Contact me today to reserve your spot, or to request a to go kit and lets get those photos into albums!


Monday, 22 August 2016

Work smarter not harder scrapbook tip

I've been seeing a lot of people (mostly in the US) share about their kids going back to school. We actually have a little over a week before we go back. I have mixed feelings about the kids going back. I love summers, they are just so much more laid back, there isn't a lot of rushing around from place to place. However, I do love the structure that school offers. Working from home is difficult in the summer with the kids home. Once they go back to school, I can go back to working my regular hours and I get so much more done. I find the first few weeks hard though because the house is so quiet and it's lonely.

Anyway, on to today's layout. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have a school album for each of the kids. It includes all their school photos and memorabilia from K - 12. Because my daughter is going into Grade 12 this year, I really want to get these albums up-to-date! So I pulled them out and started working on them again - it's been awhile. This first layout is of my son in Kindergarden. I used a sheet of Reminisce patterned paper as the background - it's called Making the Grade and some Simple Stories chipboard sticker embellishments to embellish a little.

One of the things I've discovered over the years is that if you love a layout and it comes together quickly and easily for you - why not use it again! Whether you duplicate it with the exact same products and put it in another album or switch up the products, it doesn't matter. It's all about getting those photos into albums and working smarter not harder! With that in mind, I used this same layout to create a page for my daughters album.

If I hadn't pointed out that I used the same basic layout, do you think you would have noticed? Because I switched up the supplies I used, it doesn't even look like the layout above.

I challenge you to try using the same layout and creating two different pages. It really does cut back on the time it takes to come up with a plan!

Have a creative day!

Friday, 19 August 2016

School Photo Layout

Do you have years of school photos to scrapbook? Today's layout is a quick and easy one that will work for any grade! I got the idea to create a K - 6 border and then add more emphasis on the 3 to indicate the grade from a layout on Pinterest. I thought it was genius!

The inspiration as far as color and accents for this layout came right from my daughter's shirt - pink/peach/silver butterflies. Here's a quick list of supplies I used:
  • Large numbers framelits (#140622)
  • Layering oval framelits (#141706)
  • Butterfly thinlits (#137360)
  • Watercolor wings stamp set (#139424)
  • Bitty butterfly punch (#129406)
  • Colors: soft suede; peekaboo peach and flirty flamingo
Have a creative day!


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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Decorating and Labeling your Scrapbook Albums

Today I'm going to share a few different ways to label your albums and how you can dress them up a little. Let's start with dressing them up or making them your own. I like to do this with themed albums. One of my favorites is the album I created for our Disney trip in 2008.

This is a red 12x12 linen album that I purchased through Stampin' Up! years ago that has since retired. I created a template using a couple different sizes of circles and black acrylic paint to add the mouse ears. It looks so awesome in person and just adds a nice touch to the album.

I have a school album for each of my kids. It holds their school and class photos, report cards, certificates, stories and a few pieces of artwork. I really wanted to customize the albums with something school themed so I created a little cluster of images and printed it on an iron on transfer sheet and added it to the front of this linen album. Here's a closer look.

To create the artwork, I used Stampin' Up!s retired My Digital Studio program. But you could use Photoshop or any other digital program to create something similar.

This album is an 8x8 Christmas album.  I loved the stripes but wanted to dress it up a bit so I took one of the handmade cards I received that year, cut off the back and stuck it to the front of the album using a strong adhesive. Simple but a great way to personalize it a bit.

This album is one of Stampin' Up!s 6x8 Project Life albums (Espresso spine #135293 or plain kraft #139655). It has a heavyweight kraft cover that screams to be decorated.  I used a combination of stamps and die cuts to dress up this album.

As far as labeling albums, for the most part I just use the label holder on the spine of the album.

However for the themed albums, I like to use a bit of ribbon and create a tag. This is also a great solution if the album doesn't have a label holder on the spine.

Above is the spine of the school album. And below is the Disney album.

By labeling the spine, it makes it easier to identify the album.

This is the cupboard where I store some of my albums. I've outgrown this cupboard so the rest of them are stored in our spare room in an IKEA Expedite (now called Kallax) storage unit. I've used Stampin' Up!s black faux leather 12x12 albums (#135292) for our family albums up until I started doing Project Life. The Project Life albums are the striped Project Life albums from SU! (#138468). And the mismatched ones on the lower shelf are the themed albums. I have one for each of the kids with layouts that I've done just for them, each of their school albums, one of me growing up, our Disney trip and our Caribbean cruise. Since I've started using the pocket page system, I don't do a whole lot of themed albums. I find it easier (and quicker) to just keep them all together in our yearly album.

I'd love to hear how you store, label or decorate your albums! Feel free to share in the comments below.

Have a creative day!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

How to hide your journaling on a layout

If you are a memory keeper, I'm sure you've created layouts where the journaling is a bit more personal and not necessarily something you want seen by everyone, yet still want it included because it's an important part of the story. Or maybe you have just run out of room and need a place to tuck some journaling without making the layout seem too busy. Today, I thought I'd share a few ideas on how to tuck away your journaling.

In this layout, despite the journaling card at the top, I still had more to say. So I made some modifications to the page protector so that I could tuck some journaling in behind the photo of my dad and my daughter (bottom left corner).

If you look closely, you can see that this page is the back side of a pocket page. This means that everything slides through the front. So in order to be able to create a pocket for the journaling to slide into, I had to slice the page protector. I share a little more on that later in the post.

I had the same problem (lack of room) on this spread. So I created a little tag to tuck behind the photo in the upper right corner. Once I had decided I was going to do that, I realized that the pocket opened from the side not the top. So another slice of the page protector was needed so that the journaling could be accessed without having to remove the card to read it.

It's hard to tell from the photo but the card is in the pocket and then the tag is pulled out on the outside of the pocket. Want to know how I did that?
  1. Put your card together as you want it. Remember that if you are tucking some journaling behind, don't put adhesive all over the back of the photo, you just want it on the sides.
  2. Slide the card into the pocket and measure where you need the slit.
  3. Remove the card from the pocket and slide in a piece of cardboard. You do this so that you don't cut through the other side of the page protector. In the photo you can see that I have the page sideways and the cardboard slid in.
  4. Use a metal ruler and an exacto knife to make the slit.
  5. Slide the cardboard out, remove the tag from the card and slide the card into the pocket. 
  6. Slide the tag into the card through the top of the pocket. Now the journaling is accessible as you flip through the album.
I hope this makes sense!

Before I sign off for today, I thought I'd share one last way to tuck journaling away. This one on a traditional layout.

For this one I modified an envelope so that the sizing would work to use it as a mat for the photo. The journaling is just tucked into the envelope. In order to access this without having to take out the page, I will make a slit in the 12 x12 page protector, just like I did in the two above.

Where there's a will, there's a way. That's what is so great about memory keeping, the only limitation is your imagination. With a little experimentation and creativity, you can make anything work!

Have a creative day!

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Friday, 12 August 2016

Creating your own cards for pocket pages

Sometimes when you are memory keeping, you can't find the right cards to go with your photos. Instead of going out and buying a new collection, create one of your own. Take stock of the supplies you have on hand and play around until you get the look you want!

For this layout, I used a couple cards from the Let's Get Away collection (retired) but customized them to make them work for my photos.

This started as just a plain patterned card but by adding a few stamped images and part of a doily, it now fits in with my photos perfectly and acts as a title as well! Stamps are from the Pop of Paradise and Labeler Alphabet stamp sets.

This card began as a 4x6 piece of white cardstock. I added a strip I had left over from a past Paper Pumpkin kit and created a sun from some yellow cardstock. So easy but it adds so much fun to this spread, don't you think?!

Here's another example of creating your own cards.

I use a lot of die cuts when I scrapbook. This wavy shape is from the Swirly Scribbles thinlits, which is a really versatile st of dies.

If you are just beginning your memory keeping journey, as you add products to your collection, consider how versatile they are. Whether it's a card collection, stamps or dies, the more versatile, the more use you will get out of them. If you need help getting started, just let me know, I'm here to help!

Have a creative day!


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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

How to include memorabilia on your layouts

Do you collect memorabilia? Maybe it's everyday things like movie tickets, receipts or things like postcards, coins, train tickets etc. from a holiday. It's great to include those on your pages as well. It's important to keep in mind that most, if not all, of those things are not acid free and therefore not safe to put right against your photos. However, that doesn't mean that you can't include them.

This is the first page in a series that are included in my daughter's first year album. I'm treating it kind of like a title page, even though it's found mid album. The image in the top right is a postcard, in the lower left are some passes that we needed to get onto the base when we went with my parents, and on the right some coins that I brought back. The postcard was matted on some crushed curry cardstock, but the badges were just stuck down as is.

The coins are tucked into a photo flip pocket from Simple Stories. It has a strip of adhesive on the top and is meant to add to a pocket page but they work well for memorabilia as well. I cut a 3x4 piece of a window sheet and attached the coins using mini glue dots. It works perfectly to show them off and by using a window sheet, it doesn't take away anything from the coin, you can still flip it over and see the back of the coin.

Because I wanted to include so much on this layout, it didn't leave much room for the title. But where there is a will there's a way and I love how it turned out! I am loving the Large Letter Framelits (#141712) and the Letters for You stamp set (#141968). Combine them with the Labeler Alphabet (#141936) and it makes for a perfect pair!

TRICK: If you notice this layout has a patterned paper border and then a trimmed down piece of cardstock as a base. I never used to do this - that was until I figured out this paper saving trick.

Because you are only going to see a small portion of the outside of the patterned paper, I use my paper trimmer and trim out the center of the paper. I normally create a 1" frame, that leaves me with a 10" square piece to use on another project! It also reduces the bulk in your albums. It's a win win!

Here's a quick list of what was used on this layout:
  • Floral Boutique pattern paper (#141663)
  • Number of Years Bundle (#142348)
  • Labeler Alphabet (#141936)
  • Inks: Navy and curry
  • Photo flip pocket - Simple Stories
Thanks for stopping by. Have a creative day!


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Monday, 8 August 2016

Making the most of your supplies

If you use a pocket page type system of memory keeping, you have likely come across the problem of the pockets and the cards not working. Sometimes you come across a card that you have your heart set on using. That's how I felt about the card in the upper left corner. The pattern worked perfectly with these photos but it was a 4x6 card and I had two vertical 3x4 pockets.

So I made it work for me! I stamped my title - using the Labeler Alphabet set (of course) and then slit the card down the middle. Tip - sometimes you get the odd pocket that is not a true 3x4 or your cutter doesn't cut a true 3x4. IF this happens and you can't fit one of the sides into the pocket, make sure you trim the outer edge, not where you cut the card in half. You want to keep the joint as is so that it lines up as closely as possible.

I would say that I'm a thrifty crafter. I like to use my supplies as best as I can and not waste too much. Notice the gold arrow in the photo above? That is actually the negative space left from an arrow that I had used on a previous layout. It only showed the shape of an arrow but was on a sticker sheet. I used my scissors and trimmed around the printed arrow that was left behind to give me this one. It was a bit finicky but instead of the intended one arrow from that sticker page, I got two and nothing was wasted:)

In a previous post, I talked about using leftover pieces of kits on your scrapbooking pages. This particular layout is the perfect example of this and also shows that you can really mix and match.

The 'Time' was done using some leftover cork letters from a retired Project Life kit. If you notice the 'M' is actually an upside down 'W' and the 'E' is an upside down 3. Like I said, I like to get the most out of my supplies. I think it looks kind of quirky - I love it! The second word is 'together' was done using the alphabet stickers from the Hello Baby Project Life accessory pack (#138458). The 'always' was stamped using the Labeler Alphabet (#141936) and the 'best' was some leftover letters from a past Paper Pumpkin kit. They were white and I colored them using a blushing bride marker and then stamped some tiny hearts on it.

Are you a thrifty scrapbooker? I'd love to hear how you get the most out of your supplies!

Have a creative day!

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