Saturday, 10 November 2007

Fortune-Teller Candy Dish

Remember the fortune-tellers that we used to make when we were kids and all the silly little things we would write inside each flap? I saw this twist on the fortune-teller idea in the Martha Stewart Living (August 2007 edition) and thought it was fabulous. My initial thought was that it would be perfect for gingerbread men decorating! You could have the little candies separated into each section - so cute, so much fun!

I was happy to see that in the magazine, they had the instructions on how to fold the paper - it has been too long since I've made these! This was super easy to make and all you need is 1 piece of 12x12 double-sided dsp, a bone folder and a 12x12 piece of wax paper.

  1. Put the dsp with the patter that you want to see the most, face up.

  2. Lay the wax paper over top.

  3. Fold the paper in half diagonally, and unfold.

  4. Fold the paper in half on the other diagonal, and unfold.

  5. Fold in each corner to meet at the center.
    Turn paper over and do the same - fold in each corner.

  6. Turn the paper over and fold all four flaps from the center to the outside so that you see the pattern that you started with face up.

7. Slip your fingers into flaps underneath and pinch together.

8. Fold the outer pieces of wax paper into the centre and tuck down so that you see the dsp.

9. Add candy and you are done! No adhesive needed, no stamping, just paper folding!!

I'd love to see what you create. If you'd like to share, comment on this post and attach a link to your sample. Or email me a photo.

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Supplies: All supplies Stampin' Up! Holiday Harmony dsp and bone folder.

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