Saturday, 20 September 2008

Decor Elements Projects

This is so long overdue. Sometime ago I had mentioned that I would post a photo of my daughter putting up her Decor Elements letters in her room well here it is! Her walls are painted a Cool Carribean color with chocolate accents. We chose to go with the white over the chocolate because I want to do something in her brothers room with the letters as well. So I bought the whole lower case alphabet and the Classic J. When I am ready to do my sons room, I just need to get an extra letter or two. She also applied a small chocolate flower in front of the J which we didn't have at the time of the photos. She was so proud of herself for doing it though! They really are very simple to apply.
That being said. Some of them do require a little bit of patients - like the Create Definition. Just a bit of background first. Right after I got back from Convention, I started painting our basement, which is where I hold all my classes. The area is quite large and took sometime to get everything out and prepped and then three days to actually paint it all. I had a deadline because my open house was already scheduled - it had to get done! What I didn't realize was that you cannot apply your Decor Elements to freshly painted walls! The instructions suggest that you wait 5 days. So I had finished painting the Sunday before my open house, which was scheduled for the following Saturday. The day of my open house was 5 days! So 1 hour before everyone was to arrive for my open house, my daughter and I were this up. Some of the tips of the letters took a bit to get off the backing by as long as you go slowly and carefully, all is good! I love how it turned out.

This next photo is one of the projects that we did at our September We CAN Stamp convention. It is a shadow box. So fun to have a chance to do a project like this. Isn't this fabulous? Imagine it done for the different seasons, as a wedding gift with the word love or a baby gift with the word boy or girl or even baby. The possibilities are endless. Christy Harsh designed this for us and had samples done in various themes - unfortunately, I forgot my camera:( But they were all gorgeous!

Here are the details. The 'F' is a Decor Elements piece. The rest of the letters are the Big Shot Serif Essentials alphabet just cut from designer series paper. I absolutely love the size of those letters. Perfect for so many different things. The leaf is from the Leaves #2 Big Shot die just sponged in Tangerine and the rest is just dsp and cardstock.

So now I want to challenge all of you to think outside the box with these Decor Elements. There are so many things you can do with them. So check out the flyer here. Remember you can now order online. Just go to or click the logo on the right and then hit Shop Now and shop away. I would love to see what you create using them.

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