Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Technique Club Projects

Wow! I didn't realize it had been that long since I've posted on here. That doesn't mean that I haven't been creating though! I have been busy and have so much to show you over the next week or so.
I'm going to start with my technique club projects for this month. The two techniques were faux metal - the easy way and then the more involved way. The first photo is of the 6x6 pages that we created to add to our albums, each page explains the technique step-by-step so all the club members can refer back to it when they want to use the technique.
This card is using the more involved faux metal technique. I love the look of this - it reminds be of the seals that people used to put on the back of their letters in years past. It really is quite beautiful but hard to see in the photo. The actual faux metal piece is the silver snowflake in the centre of the felt flurry.
The second card is the easy faux metal technique. All you do for this one is just emboss in gold on gold cardstock or silver on silver. Super easy buy it looks like a metal accent.
This last photo is the reason why I haven't been posting. This is what 400 cards looks like! I have a client that orders Fall tags from me every year - well she ordered those and 500 cards on top of that this year! I still have another 100 to go but thankfully she isn't in a hurry:)

I am hoping to be back again tomorrow with my regular stamp club projects. And then hope to post a few other projects I've been playing around with as well.

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Supplies: all supplies used are available through SU!

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