Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Convention Swaps & a Not-So-Great Surprise

Well it is 9:30 on Monday night as I am typing this. I should be packing for Convention since I leave for the airport at 5am tomorrow. But I thought I would pop on and schedule a few posts just in case I don't have time while I'm in Salt Lake. We just got back early this evening from a trip down to Medicine Hat for a family reunion. It was great seeing everyone again but we did wake up on Sunday morning to this...A little bit of a shock! The Hat had a huge wind storm the night before and we aren't sure if something ended up getting blown into the van or if it was vandalised or if it was the heat and then the cold rain just make it burst. Thankfully nothing was missing but it did put a little bit of a delay on our trip out to Hilda for church and then to the farm. Our kids LOVE visiting the farm. Eathan is in all his glory getting to ride in the tractors, on the swather (sp?) and the quad. Jordyn loves the animals! We did make it out but ended up missing the church service - it took awhile to clean up!
On to the project... I thought I would share with you what I did for my Convention swaps this year. Very simple but it had to be. As simple as it was I still only had time to do 25, not the hundreds that other demos do. At least I will come back with 25 new ideas! Better than nothing.

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