Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Punch & Coconut Cookie Recipes

Hello everyone! I just finished up with my hostess appreciation event - Monday and Tuesday evenings. We had a lot of fun. Now I'm busy finishing off the last minute preparations for Katrina's workshop tonight. So I don't have a project to share with you today but will for several days to come.

Many of you who were here over the last couple days were asking about a couple recipes so I thought I would post them on here.

Tropical Punch (I don't know if that's the official name but it's what I'm calling it:))

  • 1 can frozen lemonade (either yellow or pink)

  • 1 can of cold water

  • 1 tbsp of Summer Berry dip mix (from Epicure Selections)

  • 1 tbsp of Lemon Chiffon dip mix (from Epicure Selections)

  • Gingerale (I usually just fill up the rest of the punch bowl)

  • Optional: frozen lemon and orange wedges

This is delicious and so refreshing!

If you aren't familiar with Epicure Selections, be sure to check out their website - I love their product. If you don't have an Epicure Consultant - Karen Gibson is a fabulous consultant and has offered a 10% discount on any orders over $30 placed before 6pm on Sunday June 27th. Karen can be reached at 780-464-0521. Be sure to mention that you got her name from my website when you call so that she knows to give you the discount!

The other recipe is for the Chewy Coconut Cookies - Oh My Gosh - these are good and super easy to make. here's a link to the recipe, that way you can print it off.

Thanks again for the fun over the past couple nights ladies and for all that you do to make my business a success! I appreciate all of you!


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