Monday, 1 November 2010

Digital Wedding Album

One of my friends and good customers got married last year and after I saw her photos, I asked if I could create an album for her using My Digital Studio. Their photos are incredible so I kept the details to a minimum. The album was printed as an 11"x8-1/2" hardcover book. The Our Wedding page above is the cover. I'm so happy that she liked it (she ended up ordering 3 of them as Christmas gifts!) and that she has graciously allowed me to share a few of the pages with you.
This photo of their rings showcases one of the things I love to do in My Digital Studio - use a photo as a background and then add a smaller, related photo , matted on top. What gorgeous rings!

I stuck with black as a background throughout most of the album, it just really makes the photos pop.

I think the last page is one of my favourites. I love their photo in front of that gorgeous door. The photographer had taken a few shots at different distances and it just gave the album the perfect ending!

Have you recently been married, know someone who has gotten or will be getting married? I'd be more than happy to show you/them how to create an album similar to this with their digital photos or to create one for them.
Thanks for stopping by today and don't forget to check out the new Wedding page (above under the banner).

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