Saturday, 22 January 2011

Downline Dinner

Last night we had our Treasure Stampers team dinner - it was so much fun. With everyones busy schedules, we just didnt't get a chance to do anything before Christmas but I really wanted to do something to show my appreciation for them. So I decided a dinner in January, after everyones lives had calmed down a bit, would be fun.
We started the evening with some stamping - blindfolded! It was so much fun. This first photo is of Bobbi and Shelley - they probably had the most involved card.

The way it worked was that I had everyone get into groups of two and I had set up stations with the supplies only. So no one could see the project and then decide where they were going to sit. This photo is of Jean and Marj - two of my newest downline members.
Then I took the person who wasn't going to be blindfolded into another room and showed them the card and gave them any instructions that were required. Here are Carla and Cindy working together - and now that I look at the photo - Carla's using her hands to pass Cindy supplies! Tsk, tsk:)

So each card was different and some used different techniques. This is Katrina and Donna and their card included watercoloring! Can you imagine watercoloring blindfolded? Katrina did a great job!
If you'd like to see the finished projects stop by tomorrow, I will be sharing them then.
Have a great day!

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