Wednesday, 20 July 2011

One Layer Wonder Card Class

Good morning!  Hope you are having a fabulous week.  We (well Eathan and I) are enjoying lots of time with my brother and his family.  Jordyn is at camp this week and Marcel has been working and then has classes in the evenings but after tonight, he'll have more time to spend with them.  We had a wonderful time at Jurassic Forest yesterday.  If you are in the Edmonton area and have young kids - it's a great place to go.  I highly recommend it.  On to todays post... an upcoming class about which I am very excited!


Today I want to share with you a class that I have coming up in August.  Sometimes, we feel that our cards need to be full of layers, embellishments and have to take a lot of time to create in order for them to be beautiful.  Don't get me wrong - I love layers and embellishments but sometimes you have a need for quick & easy and that's what this class is all about QUICK & EASY!  If that's what you are looking for - this is the PERFECT class for you. 

At this class we will create 4 one layer cards and two of each of them.  These will show you how you can use your stamps and a piece of neutral cardstock to create quick and easy, yet gorgeous cards!  This class is a great one for both new and experienced stampers!

Date:  Wednesday August 20th, 2011
Time:  1pm or 7pm
Class Fee:  $20 (includes all supplies and envelopes - no adhesive required)
Payment due by August 20th to guarantee your spot.

Use the paypal link below or email me to register.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you at the One Layer Wonder Class if not before!


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Shelley said...

Great idea Sherry. Love it!