Thursday, 5 January 2012

Finished Scrapbook Layouts - For Sale

Good morning!  I hope you are having a great day!  One of the things that I've been slowly doing when I have a few minutes is going through some of our 'stuff' to make the whole packing job easier when it comes time to move.  I figure if I do a little here and there, packing up 16 years worth of things won't be as bad.  It's something I'm really dreading!  But I'm big on cleaning out clutter and purging so as long as I do it gradually it will all be good.  I'll just keep telling myself that.

Anyways, I was cleaning out a couple of my crafting cubbies the other day and came across these finished layouts that I know I won't use so I will offer them to you...

Finished 12"x12" Layouts

The first one is actually enough 12"x12" layouts to fill an entire album!  These are from a class I did a couple years ago and then never used.  So I switched up the year and now they are ready to go for 2012!  You can see photos here and here.  This is a great way to start off the year - with 12 finished two-page layouts!  Simply add the layouts to an album and insert your photos and you have the perfect year in review album. Layouts consist of:
  • a title page (year in review 2012);
  • winter;
  • love;
  • 2 b'day layouts;
  • Easter;
  • spring;
  • Father's Day;
  • Canada Day;
  • blank;
  • fall;
  • family
  • and Christmas. 
All yours for only $40 (plus shipping if required)!  BUT only one copy is available so it goes to the first person who requests it. LMK if you are interested!

The rest of the layouts are all 12"x12" single page layouts.  All were originally priced at $14 but I'm marking them down to only $8/page.  These are the ones I have left...
I have 1 of these Snow layouts.  Again because the quantities are limited they will go to the first to request them.

One of these Mother's Day Layouts is available.

Easter Layout - 1 copy and I also have the mini album - cost of that will be $15.

One of these masculine layouts. - SOLD

One of these Christmas Layouts - SOLD

If you are interested in any of these just send me a quick email and we will arrange payment (Paypal, Visa, MCRD or if you are local cheque or cash works too).  Note:  Shipping will be added to the cost if required.

Thanks for stopping by!


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