Monday, 16 January 2012

Project Life - Stampin' Up! Style

Good morning!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend! I'm so excited because tomorrow I leave for San Antonio for the Stampin' Up! leadership conference!  I've got so much to do before then though - like my swaps!  Why do I leave them for the last minute?!

Anyway,  remember last year, I set a goal to finish a 2-page layout a week?  Well, were you wondering how that went?  I was 3 short - just couldn't get them done in time.  But I am extremely happy with how close I came!  This year I have decided to record our daily like on a weekly basis.  We are heading into week 3 and I'm really struggling.  It's a different approach to scrapbooking, you really have to think about taking pictures of the everyday things and it's a change in mentality.  I think it's going to take me a while to get used to it.  So for the first few months there may be more journalling and accent blocks than there are photos.  Once I get into the mindset of using my camera and noting the EVERYDAY things, I think it will get better.

So today I have the title page to the album to share with you.  I did a lot of the elements using My Digital Studio.   This panel was done using the timeless portrait dsp and a stamp brush for the word Life.
This next one was also created using MDS. 

This next one is using actual SU supplies.
As was this one - very basic.  I have to remember that this isn't meant to be elaborate which is really hard for me.  I keep wanting to add layers and accents.  But it's meant to be quick and easy - I need to focus on simplifying.  But I am happy with the way it turned out.
Have a great day - I'm off to get my swaps and packing done!


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Shae said...

Congrats on starting your project life. I know it will be a challenge and also a great success!

Check out the following for ideas and things to keep you motivated with you project .

- Try the trick where you set a random daily alarm . Whatever you are doing at that moment take a picture of it.

- Remember the things you snap photos of with your cellphone camera count too

- Simple things make up daily life. What you ate for breakfast, your kids missed matched socks, something funny they said, what you wore today , the weather, flowers in bloom, your fave stamping projects , pets, family , tv shows, new house hold items, moving boxes... all of it counts and this project is a great way to remember what your year looked like in 2012. Life is in the details.

I am inspired by your ability to create one two page layout a week that's impressive ! This year I would like to complete a project 365 aka project life but I am going to only do it in monthly doses, so I will have 12 two page layouts to chronicle the year.Perhaps I will have more success than when I did project 365 in 2010.

Looking forward to seeing all your posts. Have fun at your conference and see you next month at stamp club.