Friday, 11 May 2012

Crayon Canvas

If you are on Pinterest, you've likely seen lots of these melted crayon canvas' or something similar.  A family member had asked if I could help her make this for her niece as a graduation gift.  So she came over this morning and created it.  We also cut out the letters so that she could add her niece's favourite quote to the top.  We didn't have time to stick the letters on before she had to leave though. She said she'd send me a photo once it's done so I will share it then.

It looks FABULOUS  even just like this and was so easy to do.  Here's a quick rundown of the steps.
  1. Decide on the colour order for the crayons - we did rainbow colours
  2. Hot glue them to a canvas.
  3. Stand the canvas up and use a heat tool to melt the tips of the crayons. 
A couple tips - make sure you don't hold the heat tool too closely otherwise it melts and blows the melted wax at an angle.  Secondly, make sure that you're wall is protected behind the canvas on either end because they splatter.

Jordyn has been home sick for the last couple days with strep throat (again).  She watched us make it and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  She wants to make one for a friend for her birthday with her favourite bible verse at the top. 

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