Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Convention 2012

I have so much to share with you today, I don't know where to start....  Convention was lots of fun!  The theme this year was "I am..." and we are meant to finish the sentence.  I've given lots of thought to this but still haven't come up with just the right word to finish it off.  Here are a few of the ones that have come to mind and there are so many more...

I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend.
I am tired:)  It was a long few days!
I am happy.
I am inspired - Convention does that to you:)
I am an upline, sideline and downline.
I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.
I am a papercrafter.
I am a stamper.
I am motivated.
I am grateful.
I am blessed.
I am loved - even more after being gone for almost a week:)
I could keep going on and on but I will leave it at that until I find the perfect word to describe me at this moment in time.  Can you finish that sentence with just one word?  I'd love to hear what your word would be.
I do have a couple more photos to share with you in the meantime.  Every year at Convention we are given a bag with our necessities in it.  This years bag has a Summer Starfruit chevron pattern.  It is so cute and one of my favourites. The photo above shows you the bag as well as some of the goodies that were inside.
This next photo shows you all the goodies we got this year.  Some of them were freebies, some of them were purchased at Memento Mall but all of them are fabulous!  So fun! 

I still have so much to share with you but it will be over the next few weeks (mixed in with regular posts). I've got to go for now, I still have a lot of catching up to do.

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