Thursday, 27 December 2012

5-Point Star Wreath

Good morning!  I hope you have been enjoying the holiday season.  We've had three busy days of celebrating with friends and family and now have some time to sit back and relax (with just a few minor commitments) until school starts again. 
Even though Christmas is over, I still have a few Christmas related posts to share.  Todays post is one of them.  Every year I try to make something for my Mom for Christmas - it doesn't always happen and this years idea came to me just a week before Christmas and I had no idea how I was going to make it and wasn't sure she would get it or it would end up in the trash.  I had every intention of making one for myself as well but it turned out to be a bit more finicky than I anticipated so I just made the one for her. 
I couldn't get a good picture of it - it looks much better in person.  I was intent on using up more of my Christmas dsp.  The Festival of Prints Designer Paper Stack is where most of the dsp came from but I did want to include a few larger stars so used some of the dsp from the regular paper stacks from the catalogue as well. 
I started with a 12" mdf wreath shape from a local craft store.  It had evenly drilled holes around the wreath which I didn't really notice until I sat down to start.  This ended up working out perfectly because I needed a way to keep the stars 3D - I didn't want to flatten them.  I cut some pieces of dowel (about 1") and stuck them in the holes then hot glued the centre of the star to each dowel.  I had to come up with an alternate plan for the last few stars because I ran out of dowel - I ended up rolling a piece of post it note and just hot glueing it to the wreath form.  It's amazing how well hot glue works!

As far as decorating the stars, I kept it pretty simple.  Some of them have champagne glass glitter around the edges - just applied using a thin layer of Tombow.  And then a few of them have a rosette in the centre with a champagne glitter paper scallop circle and vintage faceted button.

This wreath doesn't necessarily have to be for Christmas - although mine does say Merry Christmas - you could make a similar wreath to celebrate a birthday as well. 

I hope you enjoyed todays post!  If you have any questions, let me know.


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