Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Capture the Memories this Holiday Season

So many pictures get taken during the holidays - holiday parties, exchanging gifts, visits with relatives, and so many more. If you’re looking to take your best shots, here are some simple tips to help you make your holiday pictures even more memorable.

- Use the “rule of thirds”. Instead of centering the subject in the photo, think about dividing the frame into thirds and having the subject about a third of the way off to one side or the other.

- Take photos of kids at their level. Get down so you are looking up or even with them instead of aiming down.

- Morning and evening lights are more flattering and create less harsh shadows. If taking portraits at mid-day, use shade to reduce shadows or use the fill flash.

- Use the fill flash to light faces when taking a photograph against a bright background, like into a sunset or in front of a window.

- Take LOTS of pictures - and keep shooting even after you think the moment has passed. You never know what magic lies in the moments that follow.

- Use the red-eye reduction feature on your camera.

- Take pictures from different angles. Use these different angles to tell a story.

- Step back and zoom in. Don’t stand too close.

- And most importantly, always have an extra CHARGED battery and an extra memory card so that you don’t ever have to worry about missing that perfect shot.

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