Friday, 14 December 2012

Labeling your Scrapbook Albums

Good morning!  I've got a bit of an addition to my album organization series today.  Which by the way is an ongoing project - I have from 1999 to 2007 and 2012 done.  Still a few years to go but it's coming along.  I hope to get some more done next week but I'm waiting for a couple albums to come in. 

Anyway - todays post is about labeling your albums.  This was my most recent project regarding my albums...
This shows my albums all lined up on the shelf.  They are all out 12x12 linen ring albums but in a variety of colours.  I'm not too concerned with them all matching in colour but I do want them to have the same labelling system so that they are easy to identify.  Our current linen ablums (the espresso and crumb cake ones) come with the metal name plate on the spine which is great.  But I needed something to use for our older style which didn't have a labeling system. That's when I really noticed these:
These are the Silver Flourish Frames (127835) in the holiday catalogue. They frame the decorative label shape perfectly - that was my solution for labelling my albums.
To put them all together, I printed the year on white cardstock.  Punched it out using the decorative label punch and then used mini glue dots to stick it to the back of the silver frame.  Then I inserted a couple of our mini brads and folded the legs over so they pointed towards the centre and added a glue dot over top.  This makes sure the legs stay down and that the brad doesn't move around.  Then Crystal Effects was used to attach it to the album itself.  I'm quite happy with the way they turned out.

I've still got a few more posts on album organization planned but they likely won't come until the new year.  I've really become a lot more interested in organization, in all aspects of my life, since I tackled this project and you will likely see more posts regarding this topic in the next few months.

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