Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Private Classes

When you decide to have a private class, you’re excited to have your friends over almost as much as you are to stamp! But what happens when someone can’t make it to your class? No worries! It is now SO EASY for anyone to place an order for your class ONLINE! No more ...
-  trying to get a catalog to them
-  trying to connect with them to get their order
-  making sure you calculated their order total correctly!

It’s so simple ... here’s how it works: After we set a date for your class, I will email you a Hostess Code. Send this out to all of your family and friends, and they can easily place an order online and YOU get the credit! It’s that easy peasy! And don’t limit it to just the ones who are crafty - there are lots of options for those who don’t think they’re crafty, like personalized stamps and Simply Sent Kits!

And this isn’t just for your local friends and family. Now you can connect with family and friends all across the country to order at your class! The more sales that you are able to get towards your private class, the more rewards you get ... yep! More free stuff!

Let’s set a date that works for you today and you’ll see just how fun and rewarding a private class can be!


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