Saturday, 17 May 2014

MDS Volleyball Album - Scrapbook Saturday

Good morning!  Wow - what a week!  I also volunteered to do a volleyball album for the volleyball coaches as a year end gift.  Of course, it needed to be done ASAP so that it could be printed and shipped in time to arrive for the year end wrap up.  So the beginning of my week, for the most part, was spent completing the album.  Am I glad it's done!  I thought I would share a few pages.

I kept the album pretty simple - black background with an overlay.  The cover was a team photo and the club logo.  The inside front page was another team photo with their team name.  Then each girl had a two page spread - it included their name, number and their favorite memory from the season or a message to the coaches. This was the basic layout... 
and the right page...
It saved a lot of time to keep the same background and basic template for each 2-page spread.  After the players I included a 2-page spread for the coaches and then another with miscellaneous team photos.

I found this great saying online that I decided to add to the back cover...
Isn't that fabulous?!  I love it and I think it applies to so much more than just sport - it goes for everything in life!

Most of the girls on the team want a copy of their own.  I think this will be a great way to remember the season and the team with whom they've bonded.  At the year end wrap up, they will bring their books and have everyone sign them - kind of like a yearbook.  They are such a great group of girls and many of them have already commented that they are going to be in tears after their last game because they are going to miss each other so much.  What a nice keepsake this will be for all of them - and the coaches!  Just another great use for MDS:)

Have a creative day!


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