Saturday, 11 April 2015

Pocket Letters

Good morning!  I'm so excited about today's post :)  I was recently introduced to the a new concept of a snail mail called Pocket Letters. 

In a nutshell, Pocket Letters are a new way to send a note/letter to a new friend or penpal.  You take a trading card sleeve (you know the sleeves that your kids keep their hockey/baseball cards in) and fill it with lots of goodies, pretty it up a little and in one of the pockets you include a letter to your Pocket Letter Pal.  Isn't that awesome!
So to start I asked my Pocket Pal a few questions to find out a little more about her and what she likes and then customized my Pocket Letter to her.  I used some patterned paper or cardstock for the back of each pocket.  In each pocket is something different - a sampling of some washi tape, some wood pieces, a die cut butterfly, some candy dots, some little travel themed die cuts, sequins etc.  Then I made a coordinating envelope to clip to the top pocket with my letter.  This was sooo fun! And I cannot wait to make more.

Once you are done, you fold it up and slip it into a regular business size envelope!  Love it.  Of course I had to pretty mine up a little before sending it off.  I  wrapped it in some tissue paper, added a doily and then tucked it into the envelope.

The Pocket Letter concept was started by Janette Lane, she's got a great website with a couple videos that detail what a Pocket Letter is all about. I absolutely love this idea - it's kind of a combination of scrapbooking and letter writing.  So fun!

Have a creative day!


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