Saturday, 23 May 2015

Travel Journal - a look inside

Good afternoon!  I thought I'd share with you how I documented our Hawaii trip.  Awhile ago, I shared with you the travel journal I decorated using our Let's Get Away Project Life cards and accessories.  The notebook is actually the kraft journal from the occasions catalogue - I LOVE these notebooks and I'll share why in another post.  I've been stocking up on them because I noticed that they aren't continuing on in the new catalogue.  Anyway, I digress... back to the travel journal.

The first few pages were used to keep track of some of the things I thought we might want to do or see while we were there and of course places to shop (because I love to shop on holidays).  I pretty much used the first part to take notes while I was doing research before we left on the trip.

You can see that the edges of my pages are covered with washi - I did that to reinforce them and to pretty them up.  I knew the book would be flipped through many times and I didn't want the pages to tear.  As far as supplies, I didn't bring alot with me - I had a few different colored pens, the Let's Get Away accessory pack, a few stamped images, die cuts and stickers that were travel themed.

I borrowed my mom's Instax printer so that I could print the odd photo from my phone along the way.  So some of the layouts include polaroid photos.  I also included other bits and pieces - like the logo from a great coffee place (I saved the sleeve and just cut out the logo) and then a tag from something Jordyn and I bought.

I includes some receipts.  And some Hawaiian themed stickers that I picked up in a local shop.

I also included the itinerary from our trip to the Polynesian Cultural Centre.  Because it was only open to Stampin' Up!, the itinerary was personalized for us.  I thought that was cool so had to include it.

One of my weaknesses is cute sticky notes.  I picked up several different styles while we were away, so I had to include a few of those in there as well.

The other thing I did was once the trip was done, I added a random observations section.  This is where I noted things that we noticed about Hawaii that we don't generally see back home.  One thing was selfie sticks - I cannot get over the number of selfie sticks!  The ABC Store even had a whole display dedicated to them.  They even had 'selfie spot' signs indicating that this would be a great place to take a selfie!  Maybe I'm just not going to the right places - but I don't think I've ever seen anyone around here use a selfie stick.  However, I guess it's not really touristy either.  I don't know, that just really stuck out to me. So the random observations section was where I noted little things like that.

I loved this way of documenting our trip!  And any trip that just Marcel and I take will be documented like this in the future.  However, because this was a family vacation, I will also document the trip in our 2015 album using Project Life and traditional scrapbooking.  You will definitely be seeing more of this trip!

Have a creative day!


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