Thursday, 2 July 2015

Travelers Journals

About 6 months ago, I came across this thing called a travelers journal or notebook.  As a list maker and lover of notebooks, I fell in love with the whole concept instantly.  As a pen to paper girl, it just made sense! In a nutshell, it's a system that uses elastics to store notebooks.  That is a really simplified explanation.  I believe the original travelers journal was created by Midori but now you can find all different types of travelers journals and covers - generally called dori's.  You can find them made from leather, vinyl, plastic, fabric and paper - well pretty much anything really.  If you do a google search, you'll see what I mean:)

So I was on a hunt to find a reasonably priced cover so that I could give it a try.  I didn't want anything too pricey because I wasn't sure I would like the system.  So I found Cake Paperie on Etsy and ordered this gem.  It happened to fit Stampin' Up!'s grid notebooks (now retired:() so it was perfect!  I have since started making my own covers from fabric because I have so many notebooks on the go.  They really do help keep everything organized and on task!  I have plans to post a few on my Etsy shop in the coming weeks, along with some other fun planner supplies!

You wouldn't believe the planner community and how popular pen to paper is.  In this technological age, I figured they were going out of style but I was wrong.  I managed to find lots of different insert options to go along with my cover.  This first insert is a business card pocket made by Midori that I found on Amazon.  I added my business cards to the top pocket and then used a gift card to wrap some washi tape around so that I have access to it, whenever and wherever I decide to do some planning or brainstorming.  And then some cute page flags at the bottom. 

So then I decorated three of our grid journals to add inside - using Stampin' Up! dsp of course.  I didn't really take great photos of how the whole system comes together, I will film a video to show you how that works and a few other things when I get back from Convention.  Each notebook is dedicated to something different and has different sections within it.  So this particular notebook is where I keep ideas for blog posts, Etsy store ideas and basically anything internet related. The notebook on the left is for my business goals, tracking and just business brainstorming. 

This last notebook has a few random things in it... I keep a running list of the supplies I need, cards that need to be made and mailed, swap information  etc.  Basically, this Cakedori is my business notebook.  Anything to do with my papercrafting business is kept in here - all in one place.  I don't have notebooks lying all around anymore - everything is contained. 

If you follow me on Instagram (sherrystamps), you may have seen a few posts of the inside pages - which of course are decorated with cute planner supplies:)  I will share some of those on the upcoming video as well.  As well as more recent photos of my cakedori - it has changed a bit since these photos were taken.

It's fun to try new things and experiment to see how you can modify an idea to make it work to your advantage.  I've discovered lots of new things lately that I'm excited about and look forward to sharing with you.

Have a creative day!


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