Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Brush Lettering Card

Brush lettering is such a big trend right now. It's all over Pinterest, well everywhere really. I finally had a chance to take a class run by Justine Ma Design. It was so much fun - I am definitely hooked! Take a look at all the loot we got when we arrived.

Her class focused on brush lettering using an Aqua Painter and some watercolor paints. She gave us a few practice sheets, a sample alphabet and then a bunch of blank pages for us to play. She also showed us how to use more than one color to create kind of an ombre look. It definitely takes practice but I found it so relaxing.

At the end of class she gave us a blank card and we had to letter something on it. Here's what I did.

But then when I came home, I had to put my own spin on it so I cut the card front off, made it a little smaller and added it to a colored card base with a few little extras. Because it was an awkward size, I made a coordinating envelope too. This is more me:)

That night after class, I ended up coming home and finishing all the practice sheets and played around so that I ended up using all the extra sheets she gave us. Who knew it would be so fun! I have a bunch of ideas on how to incorporate this into card making and possibly even on some scrapbook pages!

I love branching out and trying new creative things. This fits nicely with my One Little Word for this year - GROW. I've got a few other creative areas I'd like to try before the year is done!

Have a wonderful day!


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