Monday, 8 August 2016

Making the most of your supplies

If you use a pocket page type system of memory keeping, you have likely come across the problem of the pockets and the cards not working. Sometimes you come across a card that you have your heart set on using. That's how I felt about the card in the upper left corner. The pattern worked perfectly with these photos but it was a 4x6 card and I had two vertical 3x4 pockets.

So I made it work for me! I stamped my title - using the Labeler Alphabet set (of course) and then slit the card down the middle. Tip - sometimes you get the odd pocket that is not a true 3x4 or your cutter doesn't cut a true 3x4. IF this happens and you can't fit one of the sides into the pocket, make sure you trim the outer edge, not where you cut the card in half. You want to keep the joint as is so that it lines up as closely as possible.

I would say that I'm a thrifty crafter. I like to use my supplies as best as I can and not waste too much. Notice the gold arrow in the photo above? That is actually the negative space left from an arrow that I had used on a previous layout. It only showed the shape of an arrow but was on a sticker sheet. I used my scissors and trimmed around the printed arrow that was left behind to give me this one. It was a bit finicky but instead of the intended one arrow from that sticker page, I got two and nothing was wasted:)

In a previous post, I talked about using leftover pieces of kits on your scrapbooking pages. This particular layout is the perfect example of this and also shows that you can really mix and match.

The 'Time' was done using some leftover cork letters from a retired Project Life kit. If you notice the 'M' is actually an upside down 'W' and the 'E' is an upside down 3. Like I said, I like to get the most out of my supplies. I think it looks kind of quirky - I love it! The second word is 'together' was done using the alphabet stickers from the Hello Baby Project Life accessory pack (#138458). The 'always' was stamped using the Labeler Alphabet (#141936) and the 'best' was some leftover letters from a past Paper Pumpkin kit. They were white and I colored them using a blushing bride marker and then stamped some tiny hearts on it.

Are you a thrifty scrapbooker? I'd love to hear how you get the most out of your supplies!

Have a creative day!

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