Monday, 19 September 2016

Hello Lovely Project Life Pocket Page Layout

I'm so excited because this week is the first session of my Project Life club. I can't wait to share my love for Project Life with everyone who's joined the club. For this round, we are using the Hello Lovely card collection and accessory pack. It's my favorite from the holiday catalogue. We will be using the heck out of this kit for the next four months. I've never focused on one kit like this before so I'm curious to see what's left at the end of the 4 months!

So today I'm sharing just one of the 5 pages (4 pocket pages and 1 traditional page) that we will be creating this month. I know by the end of the 4-months, if not sooner, everyone is going to LOVE this method of memory keeping!

The other reason I thought I'd share this layout is because the Hello Lovely card collection and accessory pack are both on sale but only for the next couple days. This card collection is so versatile even with the amount of floral cards in it. If you are unfamiliar with Project Life and how it works, I've shared a few videos on my Youtube channel, if you'd like to check them out. And if you are interested in joining the Project Life club - it's not too late! All the details are here.

Have a creative day!

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