Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Looking to clear some clutter?

Do you have piles of little papers on your desk, each with a little note about something you don't want to forget?

Or torn pages from notebooks with favorite quotes or books to read?

Phone numbers and contact information for people you may need to contact down the road?

I love pretty little notepads and sticky notes but I also find that they can take over areas in your home and often complicate matters. Have you ever jotted something down that you didn't want to forget and then not been able to find the piece of paper? I used to do that all the time. Either that, or I'd have to weed through a stack of little papers in order to find what I was looking for.  Not a very productive use of time!

Since I started using a travelers notebook system, I don't have this problem anymore. Don't get me wrong, I still use pretty note pads and sticky notes but everything gets filed or transferred to where it's permanent home. I've been working on this system for a bit over a year and it has saved me a ton of time and headaches. I now know exactly where to find everything! This is just one of the things I will be covering at my upcoming planner class. If you're curious, you can find more information here.

When we think of planners, most of us think of a dated calendar type system. Did you know that planners don't necessarily have to be dated? A planner can be any type of notebook or binder - basically anything that helps you stay organized! I tried several different types before I found what works for me. And I continue to find ways to improve how I'm using them.

Choosing a planner can be overwhelming. There are many different options and styles available. We will be covering some of those options in the class as well. One of my favorite is the travelers journal (Midori) system. I love notebooks and their versatility so this method really appeals to me. Here's just a little peak at one of the pages in my 'collections' notebook.

This page is basically a collection of what I'd like to accomplish this year. Some of them are little projects, some bigger. Instead of just making a list - which works too - I wanted to make it a bit more fun. So I used the Up & Away Framelits and some pencil crayons and traced the shape of the balloons. Inside each balloon is the task I want to accomplish. Once that task is completed, I plan on coloring in the balloon. I left a few balloons empty because I know that throughout the year, I will add a few more things to this list. All of these are personal tasks or goals, I record my business goals a bit differently and keep them in a different notebook. It's just a fun, creative way to set some goals - and I look forward to coloring in all those balloons! At the end of the year these pages should look very different than they do now!

I have so much more to share with you! I hope you'll consider joining me. Registration for the planner class closes on the 13th so be sure to register soon!

Have a creative day!

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