Friday, 16 June 2017

You're not going to love everything you make...

I'm participating in a new catalogue swap and spent the other day trying to design a card that I liked, that wasn't too involved, using the new Bike Ride stamp set. I had an idea in my head and it just was NOT working for me. I spent WAY too much time on trying to make it work and in the end went with something completely different.

My point is you are not going to love everything you create. At times I have a hard time with that idea. I'm a bit of a perfectionist. I need to love something to share it, I need to love a project to have it included as a class project, I need to love a product in order to feel comfortable 'selling' it.  Sometimes I just need to settle.

As I was struggling with this card, I texted a photo of it to a friend and asked her what she thought. I knew it needed something. She suggested the a bit of pink on the right, so I added the dog. But the dog looks like he's smiling. So then it didn't seem appropriate for a 'missing you' card... that was when I gave up and left it as is.

I even thought of tossing this card but after spending so much time on it, I just couldn't do it. It's a good lesson in getting over my need for everything to be perfect. Someone may love this card, just because I don't love it, doesn't mean it doesn't have value right?!

Thanks for listening to me ramble! Have a creative day!

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